Black love Celebration

Below are some images that give you a snapshot into our Annual Black Love Dinner Celebration. What they won't do is replace the physical experience of Black Love celebrated at Black Venues, with delicious food prepared and served by Black Hands. It's like the difference between listening to the studio album and going to the live show; both great, one truly special. We'll dance a bit and share some joy as we honor individuals and couples who embody the spirit and practice of Warrior-Healer-Builder love - of revolutionary love.  Are you a believer in the healing power and building potential of authentic Black Love and relationships? We certainly are. We know that diving deeper into it is what's going to sustain and strengthen us as we build our families, communities and collective liberation in the face of oppression. So join us. Put on your best what you got, bring the person who makes your heart pitter-patter (or who you hope just might :) ) and come through 515 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE in Atlanta just before 7pm. You'll be glad you did. 

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